2 damask classes in english, 2020

The damask weaving classes seems to be popular! So in 2020 there will be 2 classes.

The first class for english-speaking students will be from March 30th  to April 3rd 2020.

It,s week number 14, the week before easter.  Class is full.

The second class wil be week number 35, August 24th-28th.  Class is full.

The classes are for 40 hrs. with a teacher (me), from Monday through Friday, 8 hrs a day! Intensive!

I have 5 draw looms ready dressed for the students, and a draw loom no. 6 , we dress that loom with pattern shafts and a single unit harness  during the classes, so all students learn how to do it.

All students start weaving when the classes start, they have one day for each draw loom, so they can try all 5 of them.

The looms are all different, with 10, 15 and 20 pattern shafts, and different bindings (mostly satin).

It’s easier to understand the process of dressing the loom when you already have tried it, and see how it works.

You also learn to make your own double unit harness, and how to weave with it.

You will learn how to weave «uphamta» (we call it skillbragd in Norwegian) on a draw loom.

The draw looms are avaiable in the afternoon after class, as long as you want – you can sit until next morning!

The classes cost 4500,- NOK., pluss material costs (the warp you are using, usually it will be less than 200 NOK).

Two meals a day during class are included.

You will need weft yarn linen 16/2, you can bring it or buy it from me.

My location is in Botngård, on the coast outside Trondheim. The adress is Strandveien 11, 7160 Bjugn. Outside the windows we have a fjord.

When you arrive in Oslo, it’s best to go by plane or train from Oslo to Trondheim,  a shuttlebus goes directly to Trondheim sentral  station. Next to the train station there is  a ferry going from Trondheim to Brekstad, and that is close to my location (13 km).

You also can take a plane directly from Oslo to Brekstad/Ørland Airport, but it has quite few departures a day.

I organize transport from the boat/airport to the hotel.

In Botngård,  there is a hotel, Bjugn Hotel, were you can stay. It’s only about 300 m from my locations .

I have also offered separate classes if 5 people sign up, then they can have the classes whenever they want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with already announced classes.

Please email me if you have questions!